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 Chorus Leaders 

Bryan Ziegler

Artistic Director


Bryan’s love of barbershop harmony began when he was nine years old and continues to this day. Bryan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the University of Missouri- St. Louis and has completed graduate work in music theory and music education. Bryan has won nine international medals, including three chorus, four collegiate, and two quartet medals. He’s also a two-time district quartet champion, and the baritone of the 2018 International Quartet Champion, After Hours, which received the Illinois District Ed Wilson Quartet Service Award for their youth outreach work.

Bryan lives in Madison with his fiance, and loves spending time with his three children, cooking, traveling, and watching shows about cooking and traveling in his spare time.

Denns Asst Dir.jpg
Dennis Haight

Assistant Director

Dennis Haight has assisted in directing the Chordsmen since 2009. He believes that he contributes most in coaching performance for the chorus. He is a member in two quartets:  Bass in Liquid Courage , and Pour Four More.



Todd Friske has been a member of the Chordsmen since 2011.  He is a member in three quartets:  Baritone in Liquid Courage, Crayons, and Pour Four More.

Todd Friske

Board of Directors 

  • President: Todd Friske

  • Secretary: Dennis Haight

  • Treasurer: Matt Albee

  • Membership VP: Gerard Potvin

  • Music/Performance VP: Dennis Haight

  • Marketing VP: Daniel Wanak

  • Chorus Manager: Todd Fletcher

  • Immediate Past President: Matt Record

  • At Large: Jeff Meyer, Mark Schmidt, Tom Bernthal

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