Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage 2016

Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage’s name started with 4 men sitting at a local tavern wondering if the patrons might enjoy a tune from a group that had only sung a handful of times together.  With some nervousness, we agreed to try some liquid courage and give it a whirl.  The feedback was delightful and contagious.  From that day on, when we feel a bit anxious, we merely exclaim, “Liquid Courage” and refuse to let nerves get the better of us.

The Bass part is sung by Kevin Ziegler.  Besides singing, he dabbles in acting, tennis, and is a basketball official in the winter.  His new house keeps him busy with housework of many sorts.   Kevin’s wife Amy is a joyful groupy who puts up with us through thick and thin.  Kevin and Amy became parents to Zachary in 2015.

Our Baritone is Todd Friske.  He loves nature, gardening, canoeing and biking.  Curling is his new winter activity.  Todd, and his wife Marybeth, enjoy good music, food, and local festivals.  Daughters Kelly (husband Dan) and Dana are their pride and joy.

Singing Lead is Dennis Haight.  He’d like to thank his son Charlie for being his cheering section on nights when the group gets together at his home.  Besides singing, Dennis likes to spend time with his son, watch and play sports like curling, watch movies, and continue to fix up his house.

On Tenor is Jeff Meyer.   Jeff is hooked for life on the harmony and camaraderie that makes Barbershop Singing so special.  Along with his wife Andi, they enjoy traveling, riding motorcycles, late night fire pit chats, and making each other laugh. Jeff and Andi just became Grandparents and spoil the little guy every chance they get!

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